AWARE Fish Identification

I am sure you recognise the "Nemo" fish hiding in his anemone here! But what about the other two? Can you even see the one on the far right? 

There are over 21,000 species of fish out there! On this course you will learn how to break them into groups for easy identification and discover how to make fish count estimates in a scientifically valid way for data collection and protecting the marine environment.

1 day 2 dives

To enlighten you these two fish are in the same family although one is much more dangerous than the other! The importance of correct identification now becomes apparent! The fish on the bottom right is the rarely seen  Toadfish. As it likes to hide under rocks and corals, it has big eyes for nocturnal hunting and doesn't like the light. It was discovered in 1871 when one was caught in a fishing net. The next sighting was not until 1971 after the advent of scuba diving in the Red Sea as divers can look under rocks!

The fish on the top right is the very well camouflaged and dangerous " Stonefish " which inflicts a very painful sting that has been known to be fatal! Unlike the toadfish, the stonefish (which is part of the sub family or scorpion fish), tends to be out in the open on the tops of coral pinnacles or half buried in the sand or grass areas. So be careful where you put your hands! Gloves won't protect you from this beastie!

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