Oliver's Canyon

Sometimes called " New Canyon " although it is very old! Named after German PADI Instructor " Oliver Wolf " who discovered the site by accident looking for Eel canyon from the shore! Hence the name " New Canyon " by other centers who then saw us diving somewhere new! The dive starts at two blocks of coral known as " the twins " after having a quick look around here the dive can be made with a circular route around the two canyons with a tour around the table corals (once referred to as walking through Granniesgarden) and the working you way back to the M42 Duster (a.k.a."the tank") wreck at 6m to do you safety stop. There are lots of life around the various pinnacles, you will find lots of scorpion fish here. If you look carefully in the sand gullies you will find many Triton shellfish which keep the Crown of Thorns at bay. For tec divers the deeper parts of the canyon offers wealth of further exploration. You can also finish a tec dive here after decompressing from Kirk's Forest w