Research Diver (Unique to Dive Aqaba)

A great specialty for those who want to conduct marine research

This course was written by our Course Director, Rod Abbotson and approved by PADI so that is counts towards Master Scuba Diver. It can be part of a special "Green" MSD package. This is also good on a diving CV if one wants to get a job in marine research as a PADI pro. The course primaraly looks at estimating aquatic life growth manmade structures. You will learn different techniquies that can be applied to a wide range of situations anywhere in the world including hiw to collect and analyse data for research applications. In Aqaba the best place to complete these dives is the "tank" which was scuttled by JREDS (Jordan Royal Ecological Diving Society in 1999) This is actually an American M42 Duster Anti aircraft tracked vehicle. Sitting in just 6m this allows plenty of dive time to complete the required research.

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