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Frequently asked questions...

Dive Aqaba Centre
Q. How do I find Dive Aqaba?

A. We are centrally located in Aqaba near all the major hotels and directly opposite the Days Inn Hotel

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Days Inn Hotel Aqaba
Dive Aqaba
Q. Can I pay by credit card and what documentation do I need to bring when diving with you?

A. We accept payment with VISA and also take cash in Jordan Dinar, US Dollars, Euro or Sterling. There are plenty of ATMs around. All you need is proof of diving certification, if you have a PADI cert we can check on line.

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Local ATM in Aqaba
Turkish Airlines plane
Q. How do I get to Jordan?

A.No matter which way you are thinking of traveling to Jordan you should find the information on this page helpful.

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Ferry from Egypt to Aqaba
Laila One dive boat
Q. Do you operate over Christmas , New Year, Easter, Ramadan and other holidays?

A. Yes, we operate everyday of the year including February 29th on leap years!

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Laila one boat underway
Deep water entry
Q. What is the water temperature in Aqaba and what diving suit should I bring?

A. The water temperature is 20 ° Celsius in the Winter, so a full 5mm suit is OK and 28 ° Celsius in the Summer when a 3mm shorty is enough..

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Diver On Boat in Aqaba
Wadi Rum
Q. How long to I have to wait after diving before I travel to Petra, Wadi Rum or Amman?

A. You need to wait 1 hour before going to Wadi Rum and 2 hours before going to Petra or Amman. You can travel to the Dead Sea straight away.

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Check Out Dive
Q. I haven't dived for a while will I need a check out dive?

A. Our qualified staff will look after you personally or take another course and improve your skills - so don't worry!

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Wreck Diver
Boat Saloon on Laila One
Q. Can I come on the boat if I am not diving?

A. You are welcome, there is plenty of room on board and you can enjoy a day snorkeling or swimming.

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Kids Snorkelling in Aqaba
Child On Boat
Q. Can I bring my young children on the boat?

A. As long as they are happy like these kids! Maybe they are old enough to try scuba!

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Junior Diver
Buffet onboard Laila One
Q. I am a vegetarian will there be any suitable food on the boat for me?

A. Our crew always prepare an amazing array of food with plenty for vegetarians!

Good Food on Laila One
Try Divers in Jordan
Q. I am not a certified diver and would like to try but I dont have the time for a course, what can I do?

A. You can make a "try dive" if you like it you can gain PADI Scuba Diver in just two days.

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Dive class on boat
Pharmacy in Aqaba
Q. What can I do if I get seasick?

A. Our boat is large and stable but if you tend to get motion sickness take medication before we depart.

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Calm water over the tank in Aqaba
Aquamarina 2 Hotel
Q. Do you arrange accommodation for divers?

A. Only for our customers. We are not affiliated with any hotel so you have the choice of where you stay in Aqaba depending on your budget.

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Camping out at Wadi Rum
Aqaba flagpole
Q. Is it safe to travel to Jordan?

A. With regard to the various problems in the Middle East,
Susan Lawrence from the Jordan Times answers this question in detail here...
Amman flagpole
Internet Cafe in Aqaba
Q.Is there access to the Internet in Aqaba?

A.We have internet access at the dive centre and there is an internet cafe opposite our centre that can cater to all your internet needs.

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Internet access in Aqaba