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Ashraf's Grotto - Paradise

This site can only be accessed by boat as beach access was blocked by the development of Tala Bay. Dive Aqaba helped the Marine Park relocate the site and place a Manta mooring here, so it is now accessible by boat. The mooring is in 18m on the grass area below a coral out cropping, travelling from here to the south you will reach the are known as Paradise for is multiple arrays of red soft corals. Travelling out due west you come to a wall at 25m, to the left on the wall there is an out cropping forming a small cave known as Ashraf's grotto at 30m. Here is drops of to over 100m...great also for tec divers and the edge of the wall is a great place to spot pelagics.View site map

To see a video of Ashrafs Grotto down to 100m use this link to download a copy..100m Dive at Ashraf's Grotto

Top of the grotto

Frogfish near the mooring

Black coral above the grotto

Shoaling fusiliers

Diver and red sponge

Barracuda circling
Barracuda passing by

Triple nudibranchs


Red soft coral on reef

Sand perch

Corals at tec depths
Napolean wrasse on the wall

Coral shrimp

Friendly eel

Triple frogfish

Unicorn fish

Deep Tec Trimix Diver