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A new mooring in place now opens up this site for boat diving - This dive site is known as the Aquarium because on the North East side of the central reef the dive guides used to take bread down and feed the fish (this is no longer allowed as it is against the Aqaba Marine Park rules). The fish still gather in great numbers here. You will see barracuda over the deeper reefs lots of unicorn fish and fantastic displays of red soft corals that catch the currents between the reefs. You can also access this site via the shore from the Royal Diving Club and use their facilities for 10 Jordan Dinar per head if accompanied by a Dive Aqaba Staff member.
Colouful reef

Interesting overhangs

Box fish

Satchel fish

Banner fish

Large puffer fish
Tables and chairs

Lots to see

Cucumber shrimp

Yellow mouth moray eel

Cucumber crab

Nice coral bommies
Cabbage coral with anthias

Banner fish

Tube sponge

Interesting wall


Yellow goat fish