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Blue Coral

This site has not been dived for a few years as beach access was blocked by the development of Tala Bay. Dive Aqaba helped the Marine Park relocate the site and place a Manta mooring here, so it is now accessible by boat. The site was named after the bright blue acropora corals which can be found there. It consists of three large fingers of coral running out to sea from 10m down to 50m. The mooring is at the head of the middle finger of coral. There is a lot to explore here. Don't expect to cover the whole site in one dive. Recently crocodile fish and frogfish have both been spotted here. It is also a good site for nudibranchs. On the middle finger you will usually find you are surrounded by huge shoals of blue fusiliers. When we first revisited the site there was a lot of trash, particularly from the building work on the beach, we have been cleaning up here each time we dive and it is now much better - also there seems to be no new trash appearing unlike some of the other dive sites! This may be due to no beach access - so lets hope they develop more beaches! View site map
Crocodile fish

Giant clam


Gray moray eel

Shrimp fish

Toby puffer

Feather worm

Yellow mouth moray


Red sponge and Anthias

Yellowmouth moray
Regal angelfish

Lion fish

Fluorescent anenome

Short finned lion fish

Box fish

Hawksbill turtle