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Coral Garden

A new mooring in place now opens up this site for boat diving - This site is best appreciated using Enriched Air Nitrox to extend the bottom time in this depth range. It is situated south of the Royal Diving Club and can be accessed by their jetty (a long swim out!). Take extra care as currents can be strong here and the patch corals extend a long way south. This is a great site for photography as the coral heads are spaced apart. There are many large moray eels here and frog fish can often be spotted. You can also access this site via the shore from the Royal Diving Club and use their facilities for 10 Jordan Dinar per head if accompanied by a Dive Aqaba Staff member.
Nice cabbage coral

Lots of red soft corals

Triage of anenome fish

Fish crowd rebreather diver

Crocodile fish

Rebreather diver approaches a bommie

Table corals

Diver over pinnacle

Lots of colour

Good photographic angles

Coral grouper
Frog fish and photographer

Lion fish and photographer

Kiss and make up!

Green soft corals and tube sponges

Lion fish over cabbage coral

Swimming with a turtle