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Seven Sisters

A whole series of great coral pinnacles provides a wonderful shallow dive that you can well over an hour observing the marine life or taking pictures of it. There are two sets of pinnacles - Seven Sisters and the Fairy Ring, each has its own unique ambience. You will find shoals of fusiliers everywhere and the odd large barracuda patrolling. You can also travel another 60m south from the Fairy ring and include the now famous M42 Duster (a.k.a."The Tank") in your dive. This dive can be made as a shore dive from Beach No 4 jetty or as a boat dive from the mooring at Oliver's Canyon. An excellent dive for novice divers and also for the very experienced ones who've been on too many deep dives!! Your dive computers will like this! don't forget to take your camera as you have plenty of time and a huge variety of subjects to get those winning shots! Be prepared to spend well over a hour underwater at this site. View site map
Clown fish guards

Diver by pinnacle


Fairy ring

Fish in cave

Gray moray eel
The first pinnacle

Coral grouper

Approaching the ring

Soft coral

Grouper in cave

Cornet fish
Fish in cave

Cornet fish hunting

Coral cave

Net corals


Damsel fish