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Help us catch these culprits

This page is like a neighbourhood watch for our Marine Park in Aqaba. We feel that we should use the powerful media of the internet to try to stop these repeated violations of Marine Park rules due to ignorance and stupidity of people who do not care for the future of Aqaba and its residents. If you know anything about any of these pictures please contact the Aqaba Marine Park with an e mail you can do this anonymously to protect yourself from local mafia types and powerful corrupt businessmen. Lets all work together to save what little reef we have left for futures generations and ensure a sustainable income for Aqaba residents. Also please avoid buying any coral souvenirs from any shops in Jordan...see what effect illegal coral trade has on our heritage. The Jordan Times and JREDS are helping to raise awareness in Jordan on how we need to protect the reefs for future the latest report

Violation caught on camera (Tuesday 27th April 2010) - click on Watch Video Nasty below

Illegal fishing from First Bay jetty

Illegal fishing from floats

Dead yellowmouth moray eel!

Illegal net killing reef fish


Anchor in coral

the reaction!

While our team was cleaning underwater - this man was spearfishing!

The culprit returns to his truck- only to continue fishing from the shore

Our spycam tries to catch the guilty parties

Stingray captured

Watch video nasty!

Fish trap at Gorgone One

Coral stabber!

Pulling up the net destroys corals

Fishing from Doughboy..

Overview of anchor placement

Obviously this guy doesn't have any respect for the law!

Clearly against the law - maybe they can't understand the pictures

This line is destroying the reef here TOTALLY!

Look what they are doing to the reef - international agencies are NOT impressed
Can you identify these culprits?

Please call me!

Navy Instructor?

If you see this - stop it!

...while anchored in the Japanese Gardens!

Our spycam gets closer

He continues oblivious to the damage he is causing

This Marine Park sign has been destroyed by ignorant people

If you know this vehicle - contact the marine park

If people can't understand the pictures - what will they understand?