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Earl - Dive Center Cat 2006 - 2012

As Earl was the most photographed team member (I wonder why that was? Little poser!) he now has his own photo galleries so if you like cats then check out Earl's photo galleries 2006 & 7 - 2008 - 2009 - 2010. - 2011. Earl wandered into our dive center in the Autumn of 2006 and was named because of his missing ear (EARLess). He was popular with our guests and usually the first staff member they met! He was also useful for keeping cockroaches out of the equipment especially booties and kept other male stray cats away from the dive center. Mind you he used to let lots of girlfriends in! He liked people - especially when they were studying theory or eating pizza! Earl sadly passed away peacefully at the dive centre in January 2012 after a short illness. I will leave his page and the 5 photo galleries here in memory of a much loved member of Dive Aqaba by the rest of the team and all our guests who were lucky enough to meet him.

Earl cleaning

Cool cat

Desk cat

Earl starts a PADI course

It's down there somewhere!

Navigation training
Earl hunting

Earl trying for promotion

Earl on cockroach guard

Office worker

Accountant cat!

Counter cat

Earl being cute
Earl Sleeping

Earl still Sleeping

Under the sink

Earl greeting customers

Wake up call!

Table cat

Bored in boot camp