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Trimix Diving

We are now able to offer trimix to suitably qualified divers

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After pioneering technical diving in Jordan we have a lot of technical divers visiting us and also a lots of technical divers we have trained asking for Trimix. To satisfy this demand we have found a reliable source of grade 5.2 Helium suitable for blending breathing trimix. It does not come cheap, but we have found a supply that will at least cost no more than diving with trimix in other areas.

Ladies first!

Recreational Tec Trimix diving is now available at Dive Aqaba for suitably qualified Trimix divers. There is a lot to explore here in Jordan where we have some really beautiful deep sites and even some deep wrecks, enough to keep the most avid tec divers satisfied. " Learn to use Trimix "

Rod & Kirk

We can now offer DSAT Trimix courses at diver and Instructor levels. We aim to keep expanding the options for experienced divers here in Aqaba - away from the crowds of divers in Egypt.

We invite all those divers with the experience and trimix certifications to join in the exploration of the deeper waters of Jordan.

Fan coral

Get better photos of the Taiyong! - A great dive for those with Normoxic Trimix certifications. Find out how Death Valley dive site got its name! What is the real secret behind the lifeboat from "Noah's Ark"? Where and what is Kiwi Arch and Aqaba Blue hole? Join our tec team to answer these and many more questions...

The abyss

I was once told that you "cannot do tec diving in aqaba as you cant get deeper than 10m "Well that's not true! The bottom drops away here to over 850m. Remember " When you look into the Abyss, it looks back at you!" Or was that just narcosis! Be safe use Trimix! Finally the famous power station wall is revealing its secrets on 100m plus dives

Crane on the Taiyong

Tec Team Equipment Trimix prices Tec Courses Tec Dive Sites 100m plus dives Exploration