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International Clean Up Day September 2007

We decided to something different for International Clean Up Day this year as we have been collecting bags of trash on most of our dives throughout the year, slowly working to get the area completely clean of trash. So we visited a dive site that centers have been avoiding due to the amount of fishing line on the site - despite being in the Marine Park where fishing is not permitted. This area of the beach is trapped between a two large new developments and until these are complete will remain a haunt of illegal fishing as the area is not patrolled by Marine Park Staff. The cleaning team was restricted to Divemasters and the dive made from the shore through the surf. Several kilometres of nylon fishing line were retrieved, this is just the start of a campaign that will take at least 100 individual dives to complete.

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Move mouse over pics for description.

Reef overview - trash & fishing line everywhere

So much line becomes a hazard to visiting divers

Sharp line cutters were used instead of dive knives

Great balls of fishing line!

Back at the dive center the haul is examined
Cabbage coral with fishing line

Each line is carefully removed from the reef

Line is collected into bags so as not to entangle the diver

The last divers clamber out

Nearly 4 kilometers of line was removed
A spiders web of fishing line covers the coral

Line is coiled and then cut when trapped by coral

Surf exit

Successful mission

..with Rod on the right