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Pelagian Twinset Project

Due to security reasons all rebreather diving & training in Jordan has been stopped from September 2014

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Philip Barawitzka designed a mounting system for the scrubber on the Pelagian rebreather which does away with the x plate and speeds up the set up of the unit. The scrubber clips on to the twinset with a simple mounting bracket. Two sets of twin S30 tanks were made up for different uses. One simply twinned with bands and not manifolded. This serves well for dives down to 75m. Another version was made up with manifolded twin S30's giving double the volume of dilutant and a 3 litre O2 tank mounted on the right hand side. This serves well for dives to 120m and gets some more bail out onto your back leaving more space for side slungs. With this configuration we used our short hose OC tec regs for the middle valve which can be isolated or not depending on the dive plan. Also on a neck strap as second bail out after BOV. For deeper dives the bracket can be fitted to any twinset of choice giving a large bottom bail out gas supply. When we tested the twin S30 configurations we found the balance was perfect, with the manifolded version balance was acheived to offset the O2 tank by wearing an extra side slung on the left. There is also the option of bracketing another 3 liter steel tank on the left side.
Gas shut down drill

Rod & Phil

Unmanifolded version

Rod checks out the headroom on the Cedar pride

Attack of the bubblemakers!
Phil models manifolded version

Balanced rig

Balance good for photography

Rod under the Cedar pride wreck

Project photographer - Chris Kennedy (on Dolphin)
Manifolded version balanced with bail out tanks on the left

Perfect balance

Rod models the unmanifolded version

Inside the Cedar Pride

A hawksbill turtle investigates

Tec Team Our Equipment Trimix Diving Trimix prices Tec Courses Tec Sites 100m plus dives Exploration