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Edwin assembling the unit
Dolphins over Christmas!
NO, not the marine mammals but the Drager rebreather. Elsa, Albin and Edwin spent Christmas in Aqaba learning how to use this rebreather and a great time was had by all...
See the fun!
Elsa on Dolphin
Dahab IE December 2011
5 New Instructors
Our Course Director Rod just completed another IDC in Dahab at Red Sea Relax producing another 5 new PADI Instructors and keeping the 100% pass record at both dive centres. Thanks to Paul, Sophie, John and all the staff at Red Sea Relax. Next IDC in Dahab schedule for February 2012.
After the IE
PADI Green Star logo
PADI Green Star Centre Award
Dive Aqaba is the first dive centre in Jordan to gain the new PADI Green Star Centre Award. This is not only for the extra environmental work that we are doing with other dive centres and the Aqaba Marine Park deep cleaning project with our technical diving team utilising trimix and CCRs, but also reflects how we run our dive centre with recycling, energy and water conservation, trash management etc.
Marine park boat
Laila Manna
New Divemasters
Jordan Royal Ecological Diving Society and US Aid presented the results of the training opportunity programs for local people in Aqaba. Laila spoke on behalf of all the dive centres who facilitated this training and gave employment opportunities to 15 new Divemasters. Dive Aqaba would like to congratulate Mo Ayyad Kabariti & Anas Asaili. Further programs are planned. Divemaster training...
Dive Aqaba team
Omar Madain
New Instructors
Omar Madain and Ahmad Khatib (Izz) both successfully completed their PADI Instructor Examination in Dahab. They kpt up the Dive \Aqaba tradition of high scoring and excellent class control which was noted and appreciated by the examiners. Our next IDC will be running in November starting on the 14th in Aqaba and the 27th in Dahab. more details...
Ahmad Khatib
Rod Abbotson & Mark Ellyatt
New Depth Record in Aqaba
The 166 point 6 team, Dive Aqaba Tec Team and Seastar Diving saw the goal of their project reached on 29th July when Rod Abbotson and Mark Ellyatt dived to 167m supported by George Ionita, Duncan Bailey, Jake Link and Thaer Juqman at depth and the rest of team at shallower deco depths. See the full story
the 166 point 6 team
Nick Tessier
Self Reliant Diver
There are times when you may prefer to dive alone or when its not convenient or appropriate to take a buddy. We can now offer training with the PADI system in this discipline. You need to have logged at least 100 dives with a buddy and be Advanced Open Water Diver. We are the only dive centre in Jordan that can offer this course at both diver and instructor level. Find out more...
Huw Lovell
Laila One
Laila One in Egypt
Our Dive Boat Laila One has gone to Egypt for a refurbishment for the time that she is away we will be diving from Yasmena Boat. Laila One will be fitted with new ladders and the dive deck will be improved before the busy Summer & Autumn season. She will be back in Aqaba operating from early July.
Ahmad Ali
New Trimix Diver
Ahmad Ali from Kuwait has completed his Tec Trimix Diver course with us bringing him up to the highest levels of open circuit diving certifications. After the course he enjoyed a dive to 108m with the Dive Aqaba Tec Team. I'm sure he will be back to Aqaba soon for more deep exploration. Ahmad's Page
Deep trimix diver
Deep trimix team
Special Deep Clean Up
After spotting lots of abandoned long lines of Paradise dive site plus other ropes and fishing lines while checking the area for Super Falcon flights a special clean up was organised with the Aqaba Marine Park & the Dive Aqaba Tec Team. Find out more...
Some recovered longline
Exiting the water
Spring Cleaning
Aqaba Marine Park and Neptune Tourist Submarine organised three days of clean up dives with Aqaba Diving Association members at Black Rock, Gorgone Two and Yellowstone Reef dive sites. Thanks to everyone for taking part and lets keep going and get ALL the reefs clean. Find out more...
Team clean up photo
Super Falcon 0001
Super Falcon in action
Rod Abbotson,(Dive Aqaba) and Steve Grace (Royal Yachts) provided the deep safety rescue team cover for this project using Pelagian DCCCR's. You down go to our downloads page and save videos of the Super Falcon in action underwater and also some 100 metre preparation dives at the Power Station and Ashraf's Grotto. More info and pics...
Super Falcon underwater
Super Falcon 1
Deep Flight Team in Aqaba
Super Falcon will be surveying and filming at a depth of 100m along the Jordanian coastline. Dive Aqaba & the Royal Yachts are providing a safety support team to 100m using Pelagian DCCCRs. Hawkes Ocean Technologies in conjunction with the Royal Films Commission of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan have arranged this event for scientific surveys and VIP flights. More info
Reef wall at 100m
TecRec Centre
TecRec Centre Award
I am pleased to confirm approval for your PADI TecRec Center Award recognition. As of today, your center joins an exclusive elite within the Industry, an achievement of which you and your staff can be truly proud. Congratulations once again Rod, and my best regards to you and all at Dive Aqaba, Ben Toms, PADI EMEA.Tec Diving page
TecRec diver
Tec Diver
New Trimix Diver
Alan Avetoom became the second diver this year to complete his full trimix diver certifications with us. Tec Trimix Diver course dives built depth up to 90m while practicing emergency drills, after which we completed a 101m dive off the Power Station deep off Aqaba Blue Hole.Tec Trimix Diver
Alan Avetoom
Mike Ratty
New Instructors
both Mike Ratty and Guy Donner complete their OWSI courses at Red Sea Relax in Dahab with Rod and passed their PADI Instructor Examination. After the exam they stayed on in Dahab and got some great dives at the Blue hole and the Canyon. Red Sea Relax
Guy Donner
Gordon Smith
1000 dives
Gordon Smith logged his 1000th dive while enjoying a few days on underwater photography dives with us. goren managed to shoot some great wide angle images in Aqaba while he was here. He will be back this summer for more. To see more of Gordon's follow this link to his website...Gordons Photos
wide angle tank photo
Trimix dive planning
New Trimix Diver
After a week of hard work Wael Abudawas qualified in Trimix diving on Friday 11th February. Wael was financed by Aqaba Micro Business Incubator (AMBI)for the course which was conducted by Rod Abbotson culminating in a 90m dive at the Power Station. There many new places to explore in Aqaba at Trimix depths where no divers have ever been. Tec Trimix Diver
Fan coral at 75 metres
Benegas aground
Benegas off the beach!
The Benegas, being used for counter terrorism training by the army broke its anchor and was blown onto Aqaba Beach on 10th December 2010. Within a week she was buried 3m deep at the stern. Channels were dug around the wreck and she was finally pulled of the beach on 10th February with 4 tugs exactly two months after it drifted aground. New wreck for divers?
Benegas back in the port
Reef at 85m depth
Photos from 100m plus
Testing of an Aquatica housing to 103m proved successful on 26th January. So the Dive Aqaba Tec team can bring you amazing photos from these depths. These first shots were taken at Dorit's Deep. We will be able to bring you more shots from these depths at several deep sites here in Aqaba,if you are a full trimix diver we can take your photo at depth. (Not at 6m with LOTS of tanks!) See more!
Underwater seascape at 100m
Easy Jet Plane
Cheap Flights to Jordan
Easy Jet will be flying into Amman from London Gatwick on Sundays,Tuesdays and Thursdays from 27th March to 27th October 2011 for as little at £106 return. This is just 25% of the current flight prices with BMI and RJ - great for groups and families. Departure from Gatwick is 12.50 arriving at Amman 20.00. Departs Amman 20.45 and arrives back at Gatwick 00.20 Book your flight now!
Diver on Cedar Pride Wreck