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Team looks on
Aqaba Car Rally
Diving was curtailed for the day as the team and guests enjoyed an International Car rally hosted by the Motor Club of Jordan. The town route took the drivers through a chicane system right outside our dive center giving our guests a great action view of this event. Normal diving services were resumed the following day!
Rally car opposite the dive center
Naka with Rebreather and camera
New Rebreather Diver
Naka (Masaharu Nakanawa) completed his Dolphin Rebreather course to join that elite group of divers that blow no bubbles! Now he can really appreciated " the silent world " that Jacques Cousteau talked about! He also has completed his Tec Deep Diver and Taiyong Diver courses! Naka's Tec Team page...
Getting close with no bubbles!
Hawksbill turtle
Turtle Rehabilitated
"Halashkha ",who was purchased from a pet shop by a family in Amman, has spent the past year and eight months in a tank their home. The family nurtured their " pet " turtle with a daily diet of cucumbers and raw fish filet and saw him grow over the years, but decided to give him up this week so that he could rejoin his real family in the Aqaba Gulf. Full story...
Where it should be!
Nick in the pool on the Dolphin
New Rebreather Diver
Nick Tessier completed his Dolphin Rebreather course to join that elite group of divers that blow no bubbles! Now he can really appreciated " the silent world " that Jacques Cousteau talked about! He then completed his Tec Deep course and combined the two! More pictures coming soon! Nicks Tec Team page...
Look bubbles!
Ascent training
Five New Instructors
Scuba Diving for All visited Aqaba for the 7th year running. This time five of their members completed an Open water Scuba Instructor course with us. the full story...
Open water class
Clean up team
International Clean Up Day
This year the Aqaba Dive center Focus group got together for an effective clean up using only Divemasters and Instructors from each center in Aqaba. All were represented. Eel Canyon dive site was chosen for this event near the newly scuttled wreck of the Al Shorouk. A Ramadan breakfast was provided for all after the event by JREDS (The Jordanian Royal Ecological Diving Society the big picture...
New trash on the reef
Darth Vader!
120m on the Britannic
Honorary tec team member Marc Sluszny reaslised his goal of diving the S.S.Britannic after competing his trimix training in Aqaba with us and rebreather training in Sharm with Aaron Bruce of Tekstreme. Photos of this acheivement have been added to Marcs page...
SS Britannic
CCR Trimix Rig
Trimix CCR Diving in Aqaba
Philip Barawitzka scored two firsts in Jordan last week with his Pelagian rebreather. He was the first to use a CCR with Trimix as a dilutant in Jordan and the first diver to visit the new wreck of the Al Shorouk with a rebreather. Full Story & more pics...
Phil on the Shorouk
New Tec Team Members
Naka (Masaharu Nakagawa), pictured left became a member of the Dive aqaba Tec Team by completing his Tec Level One course this week, also Hysam Skarmy has started his tec traing with us after purchasing his own tec rig. Both new members will be diving with us for quite a while as they are both ex pats working in Jordan.
Tec team page...
Rod & Walter
Walter Dworsky in Memorium
Walter sadly passed away after a two year battle with cancer at age 64. He was a resident of Jordan for many years and helped pioneer technical diving in Aqaba with team. He will be missed by many people here whose lives he touched. He is pictured here on the left with Rod and on the right - deep on his favourite dive site the Saudi Border. Walter's tec page...
Walter at Saudi Border
Ready to assist
New Snorkel Guide Program
We can now offer the latest program from PADI " Snorkel Guide " now required for anyone wanting to guide snorkellers in Egypt. Prerequisites for the course are good swimming abilities and a first aid - CPR certification.(No diving certification required!) On completion the candidate becomes and affiliate member of PADI with an annual renewal.
Laila One
New Engine for Laila One
Laila One is now back in operation with a completely new Scania engine. We would like to extend our thanks to all our guest and other boat owners during the period our boat was out of action, a special thank to the owners and crews of Sea Breeze and Yasmena. Motaz is also now back in the galley after a holiday in Egypt so we are now back to our usual great food spread on the boat. more info...
Laila One
Master Technical Diver!
Mathias Eick gained his PADI Master Scuba diver by completing his technical dive training with us completing Tec Basics, Tec Level One and Tec Deep diver along with Enriched Air diver and Night Diver! So many things can count towards this rating. more info...
Al Shorouk
Specialty Prize Winner
Mark Stevens is the latest in a long line of PADI Specialty of the month prize winners with Dive Aqaba. Mark completed his Digital Underwater photogrphy course with us in April 2008 and was entered into the competition. There are more prizes to be won every month ask our staff for the latest! This month's Specialty...
Digital UW Photo
Al Shorouk
New Tec Wreck in Aqaba
The Aqaba Marine park scuttled the Al Shorouk a feeder that had been damaged after breaking a mooring in a southerly storm last year. She spent some time on the Kempinski hotel beach in Aqaba. She was towed off and cleaned and sunk off the Eel Canyon dive site on 18th June 2008, she settled a tadge deeper than intended but that did not deter the dive Aqaba tec team from getting pics for you straight away! Full story...
Al Shorouk
Everette & Chris
New Instructor - Chris Taylor
Chris attended his PADI Instructor examination in Eilat on June 17th 2008 and successfully completed the exam. This opens up more options for future candidates on instructor development courses in Aqaba. We are now cooperating with PADI Europe as well as PADI International to get the best options for our candidates. Full story...
Al Shorouk
131m team
Deepest Dive in Jordan - 131m
Rod Abbotson and Dorit Yoseph successfully completed a dive to 131m off the Power Station Wall dive site on Sunday 8th June. They were supported by Dive Aqaba team members Chris Taylor and Izz (Ahmad Akl Khateeb) along with husband Ronny. Without their support and help the dive would have been impossible Full story...
Rod & Dorit
Queen Rania
Queen Rania visits Laila One
Her Majesty Queen Rania visited Laila One, our dive boat to congratulate Laila Manna on being the winner of the Aqaba Development Corporation Award for Excellence in Microfinance Projects for 2007. The Queen met the Dive Aqaba team and discussed the future of diving tourism in Aqaba. Full story...
Queen Rania
George on Ramp at 70m
Tec Team Locates Ferry Ramp
Rod Abbotson and George Ionita located the missing ferry ramp that fell of an Arab Bridge Maritime ship near the ferry terminal in Aqaba port after several commercial diving companies failed to locate it. Our team found the ramp in less than 12 minutes! Trimix was used. George Ionita helped on the first photo survey and Everette Ingram on the subsequent lifting feasibility study. Full story...
Everette on Ramp at 70m
Marc & Eyal
Marc Sluszny visits Aqaba
Course director Eyal Sayag brought famous sky surfer Marc Sluszny to Aqaba to complete his DSAT Tec Trimix course. Marc is now adding to his cave diving and ice diving experiences by learning to dive deeper at the extreme edge of the sport. He is now an honourary member of our tec team and will be returning in the future to build up his depth experience. Marc's page...
Marc Sluszny
Everette Does it Again!
Our course director Everette is the overall winner in the instructor category for the Master Scuba Diver Challenge in 2007. In 2006 he was the overall winner in the instructor category for Specialty of the Month. This makes two years in a row with accolades from PADI! Well done! Everette's page...
Everette teaching!
Alex with the girls
Welcome for new team members
Alex and Chris get a nice welcome from our female team members at a party in the dive center. Alex is working through his courses to Divmaster over the next few months while Chris is currently completing his Divemaster course followed by his instructordevelopment course and will take his PADI Instructor exam in June. internships...
Chris with the girls!
Dorit & Rod
New Trimix Gas Blender
Dorit Yoseph completed her DSAT Trimix Gas Blender course with us over the last weekend. Dorit, a Dive Aqaba Tec Team member is currently taking time off tec diving as she is expecting her first child. Which doesn't mean she has to stop tec training! Congratulations from all at Dive Aqaba to Dorit and husband Ronny.
Dorit's page...
Dorit mixing it up!
Specialty Prize Winner
Tony O'Riordan won a runner up prize from PADI for completing his Boat Diver course with us February. Dive Aqaba has one of the best records of prize winners for specialty of the month. Ask staff for the current months specialty. This of course doesn't mean you can't complete any of the other specialties we offer including
Boat Diver...
Boat entry
Mark Ellyatt
100m on Air with Mark Ellyatt!
Dive Aqaba Tec Team members George Ionita and Rod Abbotson joined by Mark's girlfriend Iona conducted two fun deep air dives to 100m at the Power Station wall. Mark and Iona had just returned from touring some of Jordan's attractions - Petra - Wadi Rum - Dead Sea. We hope to see them back for another visit in the future.
Mark's page...
Iona & Mark
Pelagian Rebreather
New Pelagian Divers
Dive Aqaba Tec Team members Philip Barawitzka, George Ionita and Rod Abbotson completed a course on the new Pelagian DCCCR (Diver controlled closed circuit rebreather) with Mark Ellyatt who brought his own unit to Aqaba to teach us how to use it. George & Rod also completed their Dolphin SCR Rebreather courses.
the full story...
Lunch break
New Course Director
Everette Ingram has now returned to aqaba as a PADI Course Director after completing the CDTC this March in Malaysia. He also gained his DSAT Tec Deep Instructor Trainer rating. This will enable our center to give high quality personalised instructor training with two course directors both at recreational and technical levels.
more info...
Mark Ellyatt
Mark Ellyatt visits Aqaba
Mark is coming to Aqaba to run a Pelagian rebreather course for three of the Dive Aqaba Tec Team members. Mark is famous in the tec world for his 313m dive of Thailand in 2003. Mark now runs courses through Inspired Training for experienced technical divers willing to venture beyond the normal limits.
Inspired Training
Pelagian in use
Phil in full tec rig
First Trimix Course in Jordan
Dive Aqaba conducted the first trimix diver course in Jordan in February. Philip Barawitzka completed the DSAT Tec Trimix Diver course with trimix instructor trainer Rod Abbotson culminating in a nice safe very deep dive at Aqaba Blue Hole off the Power Station dive site!
more info...
George assisting on Trimix course
Suzanne & Gary
New Instructors
Dive Aqaba team members Suzanne Conway and Gary Austin were successful on their PADI Instructor Examinations in Sharm El Sheikh in February together with Hazel Coad from New Waves dive center. Suzanne is back working with us and Gary is looking for work in the Sinai, we may yet see him back in Aqaba! Suzanne...
Successful candidates with PADI examiner Gary Cruea
Earl & Motaz
Earl is back!
After disappearing with an injured tail, Earl, our dive center cat has now returned after more than one week. He has now been reinstated on the team page and his collar now removed to keep him safe from possible human predators!
Earl's page...
Everette New Instructor August 2005
Everette Selected for CDTC
In less than three years from becoming a PADI Instructor in August 2005, Everette has now been selected by PADI for Course Director Training in Malaysia this March. This took a lot of dedication and hard work. Dive Aqaba will become the only Dive Center in Jordan with two Course Directors ensuring a superior standard of diver training at all levels. Everette's profile...
Everette 2007
Motaz with Earl
Specialty Prize Winner
Another first for 2008, we have just heard from PADI that our Chef on Laila One, Motaz, has won a prize for completing his equipment specialist in November. This also enable him to be more effective help on the boat with any minor kit problems.
course details...
Motaz with Seahorse
Trimix training
Tec Trimix Diver
We are the first dive center in Jordan to be able to offer trimix training. Our first DSAT Tec Trimix course will be next month and will take 6 full days to complete for the divers who already have their DSAT Tec Deep Diver certification. We will also be able to offer DSAT Tec Trimix Instructor Courses to those that meet the many prerequisites for the course. course details...
Tec trimix diver
Laila One
Winter Diving
We are going out diving everyday during the winter months here in Aqaba. The water temperature is still a balmy 21° Celsius but the wind can be chilly after the dive. So we are providing hot soup between dives! One reward is that we now have frogfish back in the waters as well as seahorses and ghost pipe fish, so its well worth getting in the water. more info...