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Divers on boat
NAPT Advanced OW Course
The National Academy for Professional Training from Qatar continued their training to the next level with the Advanced Open water course, specialty training dives and some experience dives over a two week period were they dived from Laila One and Deep Blue boats in the Aqaba Marine Park.Click here to see the fun...
Diver at night
Instructor group
NAPT Open Water Course
The National Academy for Professional Training from Qatar joined us this winter to complete a series of dive training programmes through to Master Scuba Diver. Yousef Al Amriki and staff from the academy brought 30 candidates from the Search & Rescue Division to undergo training with us at Dive Aqaba Click here to see more...
Instructor and student
Dave congratulates candidates
IDC in Dahab
Rod teamed up with Paul and Sophia McBeath to run a successful IDC in Dahab at Black Rock Dive Centre, producing two new successful PADI instructors Sammie Clare and Yannis Alsabbagh Find out more...
Sophia, Yannis & Sammie
Diver on Pelagian
New Pelagian Diver
Yen (a.k.a.Lewis completed his Pelagian DCCCR Air diluent decompression diver with us after completing a crossover course to Tec deep Diver and gaining certification as Self Reliant diver in a two week trip to Aqaba. He will now be traveling around the far East diving his Pelagian rebreather. Find out more...
Diver on Pelagian by wreck
Decompression stop
Deep Siam Tec Safari
Four divers from Deep Siam tec centre in Eilat visited us at Dive Aqaba to host a 100m dive at the Power Station. The visit was a success and they all achieved their goals reaching a maximum depth of 105m at the Power Station dive site.Deep Siam Eilat
tec diver
Daniel Explorer Certification
Daniel Nicklasson completed a PSAI Explorer 100m CCR course on his Pelagian rebreather, pictured here on the left. On the right he is with Christian Heylen from PURE Dive in Sharm aboard Laila One who also completed a crossover course to the Pelagian rebreather. Explorer level
Daniel & Christian
PSAI logo
PSAI Dive Centre
Dive Aqaba has been awarded the status of Professional Scuba Association training centre for technical diving courses. It caters for divers wanting and demanding a degree of personal integrity and accomplishment. This is the oldest technical diving training agency dating back to 1962 and has very high standards.Find out more...
CCR rescue
Diver in wreck
Specialty of the Month
PADI Specialty of the month is back, starting with Search and Recovery specialty for the month of September. Each month there will be a different specialty, if you complete the specialty in that month you can win many prizes from PADI. So ask what the specialty of the month is whenever you visit us. September specialty
Diver upside down
Laila One
Laila One Refurbishment
Our 17m dive boat Laila One has now returned from Egypt after another complete refurbishment and makeover taking over a month to make your days with us more comfortable, safer and fun.
Laila One dive boat
Diver on Pelagian DCCCR
New Pelagian Divers
Roel Schulting and Alan Avetoom have completed their initial training on the Pelalgian DCCCR. Both are now addicted to the experience and will be continuing building their hours so they can complete further courses on the unit. Next course starting with Val Scotto on 24th August 2013. Find out more...
Diver on Pelagian rebreather
Clean up team
Finally recognition for the great work that Craig Bohm completed in 2011 in the Marine park with the help of Rod our course director and the Aqaba Marine park rangers and staff. We are still waiting for some of this work to be completed such as the boundary buoys for the marine park. Read article
Boundary buoys
tec team
2013 100m plus team
After all completing full trimix training a four diver team was put together to complete a 100m plus dive in July 2013. The team, pictured above. from left to right was Roel Schulting, Alan Avetoom, Thaer Juqman & Valerie Scotto. The dive was made at the Power Station dive site to a maximum depth of 111m.100m plus dives
At 100m depth
Closing ceremony
New Instructors
Roel Schulting and Valerie Scotto both successfully completed their PADI Instructor examination on 7th & 8th June in Dahab. To see the parts of the IE that most people don't see Click here!
OW debriefings
Pilot whale
Pilot Whales
Along with whalesharks, shoals of bottle nosed dolphins and manta rays this years the spring plankton bloom also brought in some pilot are photos taken from our dive boat.
Pilot whale exhaling
dive centre cat
New Dive Centre Cat
Another cat has chosen Dive Aqaba as his preferred place of residence and is a hit with both staff and guests...he is pictured here and the photo on the right has our other cat, Rhiannon feeding in the background...she is actually a some renaming has to be far for the new one its either Sparky or Bear!
dive centre cats
Glass bottom boats
Industrial Action!
All the glass bottomed boat owners in Aqaba blockaded the Royal Yacht club preventing all other tourist boats from operating. They were demonstrating against new regulations to be imposed on their operations to improve safety and increase environmental awareness. So at Dive Aqaba we went diving from the shore that day. The following day all was back to normal boat operations.
Glass bottom boats
Successful candidates
Successful IDC
Rod conducted another successful instructor training program at Red Sea Relax in Dahab. In addition to a full IDC the program included an Emergency First Response instructor course and a Master Scuba Diver Trainer preparation course to give the candidates a head start in the industry. next program...
George Ionita
Technical start to 2013
World deepest dive record holder, Mark Ellyatt visited us again and complete Advanced mix gas training to 100m for Matt Eker on open circuit trimix and George Ionita on the Pelagian DCCCR. Training dives were conducted on the Cedar pride Wreck, the Taiyong wreck and the deeper dives off the Power Station wall. see more pics...