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Master Scuba Diver Honours Board 2006 - (2007 Board) (2008 Board) (2009 Board) (2010-13 Board) (2014 Board)
Dive Aqaba classroom

To gain the rating of Master Scuba Diver it requires a love of diving and commitment to getting things done. As a result very few divers ever gain this prestigious certification. The highest award in recreational diving. The divers on this page have worked hard with Dive Aqaba to gain this award.

The Black Belt of Scuba Diving

Diver under training

Emad Fakhoury
Emad S. Al-Fakhoury
Emad came to us having completed up to Rescue Diver at another centre. Emad was also put through a series of specialty courses to give him more experience in different areas of diving. He then completed his Divemaster with us and is working in Egypt. He has since returned and completed his Emergency First Response and Digital Underwater Photography Instructor training with us.

Diver in Aqaba

Kim Christensen
Kim is the latest ex patriot working out in Jordan who dives with us every time he gets the opportunity. He made every dive count towards his Master Scuba Diver. Kim has now completed his DSAT Tec Deep Diver course with us.

Diver in Aqaba

Paul Davies
Paul has been visiting us from Kuwait where was working as a teacher. He completed all the requirements for Master Scuba Diver with us and went on successfully to complete his DSAT Tec Deep Diver with us. He returned in 2007 and applied his teaching skills while completing his IDC with us.

Paul diving in Aqaba

Angus Donaldson
Angus got bitten by the diving bug and started pursuing his continuing education with Dive Aqaba every time he got a break from his busy IT business in the UK. He has also gained Tec Deep Diver and Assistant Instructor with us. He is now travelling to Italy as a freelance IT consultant.

Tec Diver

Tim Flavell
Tim came to us in October 2006 and took full advantage of our special offers adding himself to our list of Master Scuba Divers. He completed five specialty courses in just one week with us having already gained his Rescue Diver certification elsewhere.

Diver in Aqaba

Everette W. Ingram Jr.
Everette was the first diver to gain the Master Scuba Diver rating with Dive Aqaba. He then became a professional PADI member and joined the team. He is now a staunch advocate of continuing education and has helped many divers strive towards their Master Scuba Diver rating. He is now well a Course Director, and a DSAT Tec Deep Instructor Trainer.

Tec Diver

George Ionita
George found himself out in Jordan while working for the UN. He next gained the professional rating of PADI Divemaster and was one of the very few divers who had what it takes to go through our DSAT Tec Deep Diver course! He is now a Tec trmix Diver and is pursuing further technical certifications.

Tec Diver

Carol Jarvis
Carol decided to redress the gender balance on our honours board after seeing that Jenny Linnell was the only female diver here. Carol completed all the requirements a week after her three nieces, Lara, Chloe and Erin. So the balance is shifting. We still need more girls to meet the challenge!


Jenny Linnell
Jenny was the first female diver who had what it takes to get her Master Scuba Diver with Dive Aqaba. Jenny was also one of the first divers to gain her Research Diver certification by helping us with our coral growth research project here.

Diver in Aqaba

Zaid Marar
Zaid was the first Jordanian to gain this rating and has now created a new aim for many other Jordanian divers who want to follow in his footsteps.

Diver in Aqaba

Lara Steward
Lara started diving with in April 2005 when she completed her Open Water course, returning at regular intervals she completed all her courses through to Master Scuba Diver. She has taken a keen interest in underwater photography and completed her Digital Underwater Photographer On next visit Lara completed her Search & Recovery Diver.

Teddy bear

Chloe Steward
Chloe followed in her sisters footsteps and is now the youngest diver to gain the rating of Master Scuba Diver with us.She also completed her Search & Recovery specialty with her two sisters in April 2007.

Diver in Aqaba

Erin Steward
Elder sister Erin could not let them get away with this and completed all her courses with them. So the Steward sisters have started to redress the gender Master Scuba Divers on our honours board. Well done to all of them! Erin joined us in 2007 and completed her Divemaster Internship. and will return in the future to complete her Instructor training with us.

Diver in Aqaba

Ali Toukan
Ali quickly followed in Zaid's footsteps to gain his Master Scuba Diver working very hard through the Spring of 2006.

Divers in Aqaba

Ceri Williams
Ceri was the youngest diver to gain this top rating with Dive Aqaba. now beaten by his cousin Chloe! He then joined the team and completed his instructor training with us successfully passing his PADI Instructor exam in Sharm El Sheik.

Diver on boat