Dive Aqaba Al Shorouk

This wreck lies deep off the Eel Canyon dive site, to the West of Kirk's Forest in 38 - 58m. The ship is lying on her starboard side across two reefs lying West to East (bow to the East) this means that depths of over 60m can easily be acheived under the wreck. She was scuttled by the Aqaba Marine Park on 18th June 2008. As she started to sink she started to drift and could have easily ended up in over 100m of water, they managed to push it back to diveable depths just before she slipped beneath the waves creating a new exciting site for technical divers. The engine room and bridge are easily accessible. There is a buoy on the bow of the wreck leading to the shallowest point at 38m. Travel to the north for decompression and and up at the famous M42 tank in 6m or travel east finishing at the Eel Canyon dive site avoiding long blue water decompression hangs. View site map