Self Reliant Diver

Ever feel that you "want to be alone" when diving?

PADI’s overall training programs and philosophy support the proven system of diving with a partner for several reasons, not the least of which are its contributions to diver safety. PADI also recognizes that experienced divers, after being trained in the skills, knowledge and safety techniques of diving in a self-reliant manner, can be prepared to dive independent of a partner. Those experienced divers, through proper training (as in the PADI Self-Reliant Diver Specialty course) learn knowledge and skills in dive planning, life support system readiness, adaptive training, equipment preparedness and diving responsibly to compensate for situations when diving alone. You will need to be Advanced Open Water or equivalent and have a minimum of 100 dives with a buddy before starting this course.

The course can be completed in 2 days with 3 dives

This course includes instructor fees, independent air souce and extra regulator rental, transportation to and from dive sites, dive fees and certification, it does not include standard equipment rental, boat diving fees or accommodation which are optional and can be arranged.

We are the ONLY dive center in Jordan able to offer this course at both student and instructor level.