IDC Staff Instructor Course

Learn How to evaluate your peers and how to become invisible!

They say that you don't really learn something well until you start to teach it. You will become a better instructor by completing this course, you will act as a co pilot to a course director along with other staff instructors plus ypu may also get to be a "student from hell."  Now thats' good fun!  We will teach you how to become invisible - you don't get that on  many courses! You also have the option of working with us as an instructor and completing this course as part of our internship programme gaining valuable teaching experience along the way. All of this makes you a lot more employable in the diving industry. Price does not include required CD manual.

Going for Course Director? 

Then you need to get some staffings under your belt! 

With our Course Director and other IDC staff you will gain valuable evalution practice, fine tune you demo and teaching skills in the classroom and the water. You can also get help in preparing your Course Director application to PADI and ideas for futures business plans. Fill in any gaps in your knowledge of the diving industry, learn how to present statistics, marketing ideas and more. Be ready for your live interview with PADI staff. (see IDC schedule - free if you bring a paying IDC candidate)