Search & Recovery Diver

Learn how to be successful when searching for lost objects underwater...

On this specialty course you will need to be completely at ease with your buoyancy control as during the course there will be a lots of tasks to complete underwater. You'll first examine and practice different search techniques then learn how and when to apply them. You will be covering circular, square pattern, " U " pattern and jackstay searches. Also you will learn how to tie several types of knot and when to apply them underwater including safe techniques on how to rig a lifting bag to bring heavier objects to the surface. You will also learn how to properly plan a real search and recovery dive by collating all known data to determine the are to be searched and the best method to use.

This course includes books and materials, instructor fees, transportation to and from dive sites, dive fees and certification, it does not include equipment rental, boat diving fees or accommodation which are optional and can be arranged.

2 days 4 dives