Enriched Air Diver

The most popular PADI Specialty course

This course is a must for all divers now that Nitrox is widely available at many dive centers and resorts around the world. By replacing the nitrogen in air with a higher proportion of oxygen, Enriched Air allows divers to stay down for longer, with the same amount of Nitrogen absorption. One can also use Nitrox to mathematically reduce the risk of decompression sickness by widening the safety margin when used within recreational limits. Very popular with older divers and divers with anything that can predispose them to decompression sickness. However, you don't get all these advantages for nothing there is a pay off! Diving with increased oxygen carries its own different considerations. In this course, which can be completed in an evening and a day, you'll learn the benefits and considerations regarding Enriched Air, before learning how to plan Enriched Air dives. After certification, you'll be able to obtain Enriched Air fills up to 40%. You will also be able to continue to Tec Diver and Gas Blender as well as rebreather courses in other countries (currently banned in Jordan!)

This course includes books and materials, instructor fees and certification, it does not include the optional enriched air dives, boat diving fees or accommodation which are optional and can be arranged.