AWARE Specialty

This course is open to all and covers the plight of the world's aquatic resources, what is happening, what is being done about it and how you can help to protect them for futures generations whether you are a diver or not. If we save the Oceans, we save the World and if we save the World we save it's People. This is a must for anyone who cares about the environment.

We clean up underwater on every dive we do, this is the only effective way to keep the reefs in Aqaba clean of trash. So anytime you are diving with us just ask the staff for a net bag so you can pick up any trash you see along the way. Don't go mad cleaning - enjoy your dive - just pick up items in your path that are easily removed. We also participate in all the major underwater clean up events every year. To find out how to clean more effectively and organise such events try our Clean Up Diver specialty course. Throughout the year we make specially targeted clean up dives, targeting fishing line which takes a long time to remove safely and without damage to the reef. Also our tec team recently received recognition for cleaning the parts of the reef other divers can't reach (especially of Heineken beer cans!)
News story on Turtle Rescue by JREDS - December 2008


To see what we have been up to check out these different events we have participated in.

International Clean Up Day 2006

International Clean Up Day 2007

Special Black Rock Clean Up 2007

International Clean Up Day 2008

International Clean Up Day 2009

International Clean Up Day 2010

We also post photographs of violations of Marine Park Rules - to expose these illegal activities.

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