The TSEREVE Challenge


Dive Aqaba is challenging you to do the achievement of a life time, we are inviting you to dive deeper than most humans have ever been, therefore pushing your limits and experiences beyond the norm of most divers.

Mount Everest is a sought after life achievment by most humans, it has challenged many thrill seekers, life enthusiasts, and adventurers all the same; being an ultimate goal to most people for its majestic and spiritual value, the journey to the summit is a gradual one as nature is harsh and unforgiving on the way to the summit. Despite all the difficulties and literal up-hill road leading to the top, more than 4000 humans have attempted to climb and succeeded.

The TSEREVE (pun intended) is another more exclusive challenge, we are hereby challenging you to reach the depths of 100+ meters on a well planned program where you will learn to plan the ultimate plunge of your life. the number of people who attempted and succeeded in reaching these depths is far less that that of these succeeded in reaching the top of mount Everest, thus the challenge and value.

Gaining this much experience allows you as many bragging rights as there is, we have designed a gradual program for you to have a safe descent and a successful reverse ascent, starting at 65 meters depth we end the program at 100 meters, the full program takes 6 days to complete, diving deeper gradually every day.

Before starting, you need to have one or more of the following to qualify:

  • Must be 20 years of age or older
  • PADI Tec Trimix Diver (Or equivalent)
  • Have logged at least 50 decompression dives
  • Have Oxygen First Aid Certificate
  • Own your own Trimix Dive Comptuer
  • Own your own tec diving gear (except for tanks)

The program includes:

  • 5 days of technical diving using twin set and all the neccessary gases and blends
  • Helium costs
  • Boat hire and logistics
  • Achievement Certificate
  • Free t-shirt

For more information on this challenge and tec diving please contact us