First Bay

From try dives to technical diving - this site provides for all - Diving south from the mooring you find a cabbage coral at 18m on the corner of the reef follow the wall back to the north and follow the contour of the reef. (For tec divers continue straight out to Death Valley starting at 50m and then south to Walter's Wall and George's Gulley which drops to 80m plus). The normal dive continues to the North where you will pass over a wide expanse of coral with black coral trees and come to a sandy gulley, follow this back up to 12m and work your way back across the reefs to the mooring. You will find lots of cornet fish in the area changing in waves of colour as you watch them hunt the smaller fish, watch out here for the 8 lined wrasse, there are also many parrot fish a nice colourful dive with some deeper stuff for those who want it. Near the mooring is a permanent bottom line 30m in length at 9m depth - this is used for measured swims, navigation training and is useful for staging deco tanks on tec dives!