Tarmac Five

...and Aqaba's forgotton wreck. This barge was scuttled in 1996 after Alcatel had finished laying the electrical cables to Egypt. She lies not far from the Cedar Pride and when she went down she landed over the corner of an old sunken fishing boat that has been there since the 70's. This used to be the only diveable wreck in Aqaba before the Cedar Pride was sunk and was pictured on old diving promo brochures! Although the wreck itself is not much to look at it is host to a good variety of marine life, Blue Spotted stingrays, frogfish and a good deal more. The inside is full of banded coral shrimps! Tec divers visiting Kleta's Wall, often stage their tanks here, finishing their decompression on the Cedar Pride - so if you see any tanks left here please LEAVE THEM ALONE! Take a tour around here when you are diving the Cedar Pride. Do this at the beginning of you dive as it is the deeper wreck.(18m - 26m)