Military Museum

17 Pieces of military equipment have been placed on the sea bed in 18 - 28m depth.  The place is from the bottom of an eel grass bank (habitat to sea horses and much more) to the start of the solid coral reef at 28m. This are was previously sparse with marine life. This museum, as well as being a great attraction for divers, will provide habitat for a wide variety of marine life and provide places for new corals to settle. So well worth revisiting on different visits to Aqaba - good place to complete our unique specialty Research Diver

Currently access to the site can be by boat or shore, better shore access and boat moorings are currently under development. By boat we do as a drift dive. On occasion there can be strong currents at this site so this will remain a good option. Also these currents supply nutrients for stationary feeders such as soft corals and sponges which will start to settle on the vehicles in the future.

Check back here every so often to check for the latest photos below, which will be changed an updated as marine life begins to settle on this site.