Peak Performance Buoyancy

A must for ALL divers - everyone can improve their buoyancy control !

Buoyancy control is something many new divers complain about - this course will fine-tune your buoyancy skills with an array of exercises and games. Improving buoyancy helps to reduce air consumption, protects the reef (and the diver!) and, let's face it, makes you look cool when you're down.

Multi Level Diver

What do you do when the battery fails on you dive computer when on holiday ?
By using a dive computer or PADI eRDPML to plan and make your dives, you can extend your dive time considerably. This course is extremely valuable if you like deeper dives as using multi-level dive techniques you get to spend more time in the water; complete this course in conjunction with the PADI Deep Diver specialty course.

Equipment Specialist

If you have purchased you own dive kit then you need this course

The course can be completed in a day and will save you lots of expensive servicing and repair bills in the future. Learn how to look after your equipment, find out how it all works, What happens when they service your regulator - after all your life depends on it!

Enriched Air Diver

The most popular PADI Specialty course

This course is a must for all divers now that Nitrox is widely available at many dive centers and resorts around the world. By replacing the nitrogen in air with a higher proportion of oxygen, Enriched Air allows divers to stay down for longer, with the same amount of Nitrogen absorption. One can also use Nitrox to mathematically reduce the risk of decompression sickness by widening the safety margin when used within recreational limits.

Dry Suit Diver

Find out stay toasty warm and in control on all those long dives In the cooler winter months, it's nice to stay really warm - even here in Aqaba! You'll learn the techniques and procedures for safe dry suit diving. You must bring your own dry suit to complete this course with us or if you are of medium build we can loan you one for the course so you can get the feel of things and see if it is for you before you invest in an expensive suit.

Drift Diver

Have you ever dreamed of being able to fly? Then you must do some drift dives!

When you dive in a strong current or tide - how do you dive? Drift diving uses less energy so you get longer underwater and cover more area, no worries about finding you way back! Learn how to do this from one of our dive charter boats. Find out about all the procedures and safety considerations to make this type of diving more fun.

Deep Diver

Extend your adventure to the maximum recreational depth of 40m

Learn the safety aspects of diving deeper within recreational limits, and gain practical experience of dives greater than 30m. A diver here explores the top of the Taiyong wreck atv 35m.

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